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How do we product high performance RF coaxial cable assemblies

Author: Date:1/8/2020 10:44:47 PM
    With generation of the communication industry, the industry has higher and higher requirements for RF coaxial cable components. There are many factors for the production of high-performance RF coaxial cable components, such as high-precision equipment, high-precision product process control, work flow proficiency control.



   The production of high performance RF coaxial cable requires the following equipment:

1. professional stripping machine

   In ROHO equipment, the stripping machine has eight blades, and each rf coaxial cable assembly adopts professional stripping machine to peel the welding functional parts of the products, and the accuracy of stripping products can be controlled within ±0.1mm.



2. high frequency welding equipment


   high frequency welding equipment, which can intelligently control the whole welding process through the welding frequency and time, employees only need to put the product into fixture and turn on equipment switch to complete the work.



3. the complete test system

   IMD test equipment system (1900M, 850M, 750M), effectively tested and controlled LOW PIM of products. Dc-8.5g network analyzer can effectively control the coupling degree, standing-wave ratio, loss and other indicators of RF coaxial cable.