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How do RF connectors connect RF correctly?

Author: Date:11/4/2019 1:39:11 AM
     These RF adapters and RF cables work with our instruments to give us accurate test data. So how do we properly connect the RF?


    01 correctly select the RF connector

    First, choose a RF adapter and RF cable of relatively good quality. When using two original RF adapters, 89.9% of the signals can pass normally at 18GHz operating frequency. 91.9% of the signal can pass normally without using the adapter. In the case of using two original adapters in the front, the amount of signal transmitted is similar. However, after replacing one of the adapters with a non-original inferior adapter, only 38.1% of the signals can pass normally at the operating frequency of 18 GHz, which has seriously affected the test. In addition, the physical dimensions of the poor adapter are not up to standard, and the RF interface of the instrument is worn after a long time of use.

    02 hands-on operation, tighten the correct thread

    When connecting the microwave connector, the connector and the RF interface must be horizontally connected and then operated with both hands. Fix the connector at the specified position with one hand and the torque wrench with the other hand to connect at the specified position.

Do not operate with one hand, as it is not easy to horizontally interface the connector with the RF port with one-handed operation. If a certain angle is generated and the connector is tightened, a mechanical stress is generated, causing physical damage to the connector.

    The cable of the N-type radio head also requires two-hand operation. The specific process should be to check if there is any foreign matter at the interface. Then fix the body of the cable with one hand so that it cannot be rotated, and then use the other hand to rotate the thread of the cable and tighten it.

    03 use torque wrench

    Use a torque wrench when connecting the adapter to the cable. The use of a torque wrench not only ensures adequate connection, but also avoids excessive force and physical damage to the device. What should be paid attention to in the use is the two error demonstrations shown in the figure below. The angle of rotation with the torque wrench should not be too large, and the position of the hand should not be too far forward. Both of these errors will result in incorrect force.

    Different torque wrenches are required for different sizes of connectors. Careful, similar to the N-type connector, use a 12-pound torque wrench. At the same time, we need to note that the physical dimensions of the SMA connector and the 3.5mm connector are the same, but the pound wrench is not the same. When using these two connectors, you need to pay attention to the corresponding torque wrench.

    By doing the above three points, the damage of the RF connector can be avoided, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the instrument and the accuracy of the test.