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High quality big brand RF connector manufacturer

Author: Date:8/24/2019 12:55:24 AM

What are the quality RF connector manufacturers?


Headquarters: United States

This is the world's largest connector manufacturer, distributed worldwide, and is best at precision connectors. The products are mainly military, aviation, and communication. There are more than a dozen different companies in China.

2. Tyco

Headquarters: United States

It is the only company that has entered the top 500 connector. Designing and manufacturing about 500,000 kinds of products, the industry is widely distributed, and there are also production brake connectors.

3. Mo Shi

Headquarters: United States

Is a leading global interconnect product manufacturer, mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, fiber optics, antennas, switches, LEDs.

Wide area

Headquarters: Japan

It mainly produces digital cameras, camera, notebooks, and is known for making small connectors U.FL.

5. Famatong

Headquarters: France

Is a connector company, now mainly controlled by venture capital, the products are mainly used in communications, communications, brakes and other fields.