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High quality RF antenna connectors are especially important for UAV image transmission system stability

Author: Date:9/9/2019 1:34:04 AM
     If the huge valuation and revenue of DJI Innovation, a Chinese drone manufacturer that cooperates with a number of RF antenna connector manufacturers, explains what it is, it is that drones are becoming a big business. UAVs have now attracted many capitals to compete. In addition, major semiconductor companies are accelerating the speed of this 100 billion-level market to develop innovative products and technologies for UAV applications.


The 2.4GHz Full HD UAV map transmission system is the mainstream. In the video transmission of drones, the high-profile image transmission system can achieve 5km/1080P30fps transmission, but this is what many domestic entertainment drone manufacturers have not yet done. The general practice is to carry a camera on the PTZ, fly at high altitude and fly back to the ground for inspection. This method cannot meet the requirements of aerial photography because the picture cannot be seen immediately.

"Of course, there are also many programs that use the 5.8GHz band to transmit analog video to the ground. The farthest distance can reach more than 600 meters. But this method needs to transcode HD (1080P or 4K) into 720P on the aircraft, and then convert it to digital. The signal is transmitted to the remote control display, which is technically complicated, and the picture will be mosaic, pause or stuck. The picture quality is not good enough, and the professional aerial photography and distance are used, which is suitable for ordinary fans to entertain."


2.4GHz is the frequency band currently used in the mainstream drone market. On the Phantom3 in DJI, it is equipped with the highly acclaimed DJI Lightbridg full HD digital image transmission system. It has a built-in 2.4G remote control link. Its high-performance scheme has an effective transmission distance of up to 5km and a standard specification of 1.7Km. "The performance of image transmission system is a key factor in distinguishing the grade of drone. The distance of image transmission distance, the quality of image transmission, and the stability of image transmission are the key factors to measure the performance of drones."


In short, the UAV image transmission system is to transmit the picture taken by the UAV in flight in the sky to the ground wireless transmission remote control receiving device in real time. The real-time and stability of image transmission is the key. At this time, the high-quality RF antenna connector is particularly important.