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Future development trend of SMA connector manufacturers

Author: Date:7/4/2019 8:26:43 PM
     Whether it is the previous stock or the recent bitcoin shock, it can be seen that the market is unthinkable and fast-changing. What should SMA joint manufacturers do under the impact of the 5G era?


In fact, the SMA connector manufacturer is also the manufacturer of all RF connectors. The current 5G+AI+ Internet of Things is only partially realized, and the cost is high. However, with the gradual impact of the 5G era, the golden period and the bubble period of Sma connector manufacturers may follow, and 5G ushers in a new transmission speed. Faster data processing represents a higher connector requirement.

If an RF connector manufacturer can perfectly solve the commercial feasibility of a 5G product solution, connecting the Internet of Things through a 5G solution represents the infinite possibilities of the future. Conversely, the technology can never break through the bottleneck, and can only seek other ways. Survival in the 5G era.