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Fast liberation and dropout RF connector

Author: Date:11/17/2019 11:42:48 PM
     As a long-term purchase of connectors, the knowledge of RF coaxial connectors will not be unfamiliar, but if you ask them if they know the overview of anti-drop RF coaxial connectors, even few customers can answer them. It is. What is the anti-drop RF coaxial connector? 

    The anti-drop RF coaxial connector is one of the connectors, but it adopts some new coaxial connection technology, and the structure is relatively simple, which can effectively prevent the relative rotation of the insulator inside the rf connector from appearing and loosening. The probability of the product will be minimized, so that the safety performance of the product is effectively guaranteed, and the service life of the RF coaxial connector is greatly increased.

     The three-part structure of the anti-rotation nails reduces the installation resistance, increases the anti-rotation effect, and is not easy to fall loose, which also increases the service life to a certain extent; in general, this type is adopted. The structure of the RF products, electrical performance is as follows:

1. Impedance: 50Ω

2. Withstand voltage: not less than 2700V

3. Standing wave ratio: 0-3GHz VSWR>1.06; 0-4GHz VSWR>1.09

4. Contact resistance: center conductor ≤ 5mΩ; outer conductor ≤ 2.5mΩ

5. Insulation ≥10000MΩ

6. Pass the 48 hour salt spray test.

    After reading the above, you should have a basic understanding of the anti-drop RF coaxial connector. If you have any other problems with the RF coaxial connector, please consult us and we will arrange the technician to answer your question. . In short, we hope that all customers can find the connector products that suit their needs, and ROHO is willing to be your partner.