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[Fast and fast disconnect] RF connector overview

Author: Date:11/13/2019 2:11:14 AM
 From "thread" to "fast"

RF threaded connector technology began early in the UHF communication phase, after which various other RF connectors were developed to meet the diverse needs of the communications industry. In the early 1990s, RF manufacturers wanted interconnects for RF cable assemblies to keep up with the demands of emerging technologies for higher power and higher voltages. In the RF microwave industry, there has been a growing trend in many years from threaded connectors to quick disconnect connectors with push-in, blind-inserted and quick-disconnect interfaces.


Quick Connect / Quick Disconnect Connector Benefits


First of all


The quick-connect connector has the advantages of fast installation speed, flexible connection, and efficient use of space, that is, the downtime required for installation and maintenance is shorter, and special tools are not required for RF connection.




Another advantage of the quick connect connector is that it is easy to mating the RF connector in a difficult installation system. In contrast, for other hard-to-reach installation spaces that do not allow the use of a torque wrench, many other RF connectors often have problems with sight or just sensation when mated and disconnected. The Quick Connect/Quick Disconnect connector's connection mechanism solves most of these problems by providing an easy and secure connection without the need for threads or assembly tools.


In addition


In terms of installation, the Quick Connect/Quick Disconnect connector has the following additional advantages:


Fast mating and disconnecting by snap-in fastening compared to conventional threaded connections of SMA and N-type connectors;


No need to use a torque wrench;


Maintain the same performance and reliability while reducing the overall size of the connector;


After installation, allow the cable to rotate freely within 360°.


Quick Connect / Quick Disconnect Connector Type


The QMA and QN connectors are two quick connect RF connectors that replace traditional SMA and N connectors. The Quick Connect / Quick Disconnect connector currently operates at frequencies from DC to 40 GHz and is available in a wide variety of applications;


According to the structure, it is divided into male, female, plug, socket, and non-polar;


According to the impedance is divided into 50 ohms, 75 ohms;


According to the polarity design, it is divided into standard polarity, reverse polarity and reverse thread;


According to the matching mode, it is divided into two types: card-in and push-in;


Existing quick connect/disconnect RF connectors are divided into












And most of the voltage standing wave ratio is as low as 1.1:1, the maximum input power is less than 2W.