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Development trend of SMA RF connectors

Author: Date:10/9/2019 7:11:50 PM
   SMA RF connectors are widely used in a variety of communication equipment and instrumentation, so with the new generation of technology, SMA connectors may be headed in what direction?

   The following small series takes you to predict the development trend of SMA connectors:


1. With the miniaturization of the whole system, the size of the RF connector is getting smaller and smaller, such as the MMCX\SSMB series, which is very small.


2. SMA connectors are developing at high frequencies: As early as a few years ago, HP has introduced RF connectors with a frequency of 110 GHz. The domestic general product use frequency does not exceed 40GHZ. The frequency of use of flexible cables does not exceed 10 GHz, and the length of semi-rigid cables does not exceed 20 GHz.


3. Multi-functional development: In addition to the role of the bridge, there is also the function of processing signals. Such as filtering, phase adjustment, mixing, attenuation, detection, etc.


4. Develop low-loss standing waves to meet the needs of weapon systems and precision measurement.


5. To the development of large capacity and high power, mainly to meet the development needs of the information superhighway.


6. The surface mounting technology upgrade is mainly adapted to the development needs of SMT technology, and is conducive to simplifying the wiring structure design of the multilayer printed board.