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Design of SMA connector

Author: Date:6/3/2019 1:09:17 AM
 The working frequency of any RF connector depends on its structure. Generally speaking, the smaller the size of the outer conductor, the higher the working frequency of the connector, while the lower the dielectric constant of the medium, the higher the working frequency and the lower the insertion loss. All connectors are compatible. Poor dimensional control of internal and external conductors, poor surface plating, or gaps in the connections between connectors will increase the reflection coefficient and insertion loss.



  SMA connector can work up to 18G, is one of the most widely used RF connectors. SMA connector is designed to meet the needs of durable, weather resistant, medium size RF connector, with 18 GHz consistent performance. The SMA connector has a whorl coupling mechanism and is fully interchangeable with the SMA connector of mil-c-39012 specification. These connectors are suitable for all systems critical to RF and mechanical performance.


Tinker also offers n-type high-frequency connectors, including panels, wiring and threaded mounting, as well as flanges with flanges. Also can be customized for customers waterproof design of high frequency connector SMA connector. This allows users to exchange connector families using the same panel layout. Medium or threaded terminal with excellent performance. SMA connector with high frequency can be fitted with standard knurled nut or hexagonal nut, if beryllium copper or phosphorous bronze, heat treated, silver, gold or stainless steel.