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Connector components and terminology

Author: Date:4/3/2020 1:36:38 AM
  Housing

 Header

 Contacts-Terminals and pins

 Metal for connectors

 plug and socket

 cladding material

 The key and positioning

 Circuit identification

 Wire gauge (wire number)

 Housing,Commonly known as the plastic shell,

 The connector seat body has the following functions


Support contact parts:

To insert a needle, reed, etc.Position it firmly and correctly,

Prevent dust, dirt and moisture, protect contact parts and conductors,Insulate circuits from each other,

In-line connectors:A straight connector is characterized by a wire being connected from half of the connector,Take out the other half,These two parts of a connector are called a plug (male) and a socket (female),

Header,Commonly known as the needle base,A connector mounted on a printed circuit board,The body used is called the header, also known as the base or wafer,The main difference between the base and the base is that the base is always mounted together with the circuit pin,The seat is just an empty shell,The base comes in two forms: covered and uncovered,The guard is the connector pin and socket,A protective cover made of a seat or skirt around the mating part,header also have friction lock style,It is a partially covered base,But it has a locking device,It makes the combination of base and base body more reliable.