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Connector category and the use advantages

Author: Date:2/26/2020 5:27:58 PM
 The connector is a device that connects two active components and is used to transmit current or signals. Connectors’ is widely used and take important role in it’s application.


Connector category

There are only two basic ways to classify connector products according to their appearance, structure and working frequency. They are divided into Circle and rectangle by the outline structure. The operating frequency can be divided into low frequency and high frequency, and the frequency is bounded by 3MHZ.The rectangle connectors is the majority used in the market.Its cross-section is a trapezoid, which is approximately a rectangle.In addition, it can be divided into many different types according to some other purposes, installation methods, special structures, special performance, etc. At the same time, according to the relevant technical standards of connectors can be divided into low-frequency circular connector, rectangular connector, printed circuit connector, radio frequency coaxial connector, fiber connector and so on.

Use advantages

1、The connectors improve the production process, not only simplifies the assembly process of electronic products, but also simplifies the mass production process.

2、The connectors are very easy to maintain.When some components don’t work, Itis convenient to change the lose efficacy and restore normal operation of the component.

3、They are convenient to upgrade.With the development of technology, the components can be updated when the connectors are installed, and can be replaced with new ones.

4、They are flexible for design.When people use the connectors for the assemble system, they will find it is more flexible.