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Confined Space - Coaxial Blind Connector Specifications

Author: Date:11/25/2019 10:48:28 PM
    When the connection point cannot be operated (usually due to physical space limitations), a blind-mate connector is required. A common use for blind-mate connectors is the connection between two boards. In RF and microwave applications, blind-mated connections are very challenging to ensure a constant, uniform signal between boards or modules, and special blind-mate connectors are required.

    Due to their small size and ease of connection, blind-mate connectors typically must be inserted into the electronic hardware within the reduced operational space. Blind connectors must be able to withstand vibrations and extreme temperature conditions, making them ideal for harsh field applications. In the end, as board designs become more complex and denser, similar requirements for blind-mate connectors are also a popular choice in the consumer electronics market.

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