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Common materials for connector insulators

Author: Date:4/9/2020 11:57:29 PM
 Usually have:PBT、NYLON、ABS、PC、LCP such material.But in principle, the material with better flame resistance is adopted.


a. PBT material:

PBT material is usually added 20-30%fiberglass,With anti – crack anti – shock, anti – electricity ability .Friction coefficient is low. Good self-lubrication effect.Good oil and chemical resistance.Both heat and humidity have excellent dielectric strength.Its shrinkage is between 0.6% and 3.0%.Its heat resistance is about 230 ℃.Good molding and fire resistance.It is a common adhesive for connector products.


Its shrinkage is 1.0%-0.3%.The temperature resistance is better than PBT.Usually, NYLON66 resistant 260℃–280℃.NYLON6T resistant 280℃–300℃.LCP resistant 290℃–320℃. But its water absorption is larger.Generally used for high temperature resistance and PITCH Fewer products(like SMD、HOUSING、PLCC).


Good impact toughness, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, easy to shape, good hardness, good rigidity.Heat resistance around 100 ℃.Generally used for auxiliary products in connectors.

D. Common defects in injection molding and their causes

Common molding defects have the following kinds: plastic parts have black spots or black liquid, the surface is not smooth, overflow, plastic forming incomplete, bubbles or burnt, concave shape, patchwork or plastic parts compressed in the mold and so on defects. The main reasons are divided into three parts: the factors of injection molding machine, mould and plastic material