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Buying RF connectors is a must-see.

Author: Date:11/10/2019 6:57:43 PM
    There are many types of RF coaxial connectors, including rnc connector types such as bnc, tnc, f, n, sma, smb, mcx / mmcx, etc. So how to choose a high quality RF coaxial connector? Below ROHO will replace the "how to choose high quality RF coaxial connector" for you.

    For a certain RF coaxial connector is high quality, and how to choose such a product, before answering such questions, let us first understand what is the RF coaxial connector, and then explain the choice of RF coaxial connector Factors to consider when choosing.


    The explanation in Baidu Encyclopedia is that the RF coaxial connector is an electromechanical component that connects the electrical circuit, and the function of electrical connection or interaction of the transmission line is a mechatronic product with complex interaction between each other. Compared with the development history of RF coaxial connectors, it has formed an independent and complete professional system, which has become an important part of the connector family and an irreplaceable key component of the coaxial transmission system.



At the time of selection, we need to consider the three types of factors: interface type, electrical performance, and termination form, as follows:


(1). Connection type


The connection mechanism of the connector not only provides convenient quick connection or separation of the coaxial transmission line, but also provides stable electrical performance and environmental protection devices. When there is not enough space in the application to rotate the connection nut, the non-twist connection should be selected. mechanism.


(2). Electrical performance


a characteristic impedance:


b. Withstand voltage:


c maximum work efficiency


(3). Termination form


The connector can be used for RF coaxial cable, printed circuit board, chassis plug-in functional components and their connection interface.


    Before use, you must be familiar with the performance of the replacement product and use it strictly according to the specified conditions. Overloading may cause the lead coaxial connector to fail. Pay special attention when attaching the cable connector. It should be used correctly according to the assembly instructions provided by the supplier. Use a suitable attachment tool for operation.
    After reading the above, you should have a preliminary understanding of the "how to choose a high-quality RF coaxial connector". If you have any questions about purchasing or customizing RF coaxial connectors, you can directly click on the ROHO website. , we will arrange experts to answer your questions in time.