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Brief introduction to the TNC connector

Author: Date:12/2/2019 2:41:39 AM
    You know a lot about the TNC connector. As an electronic component enthusiast, you can't know anything about the tnc connector. The following ROHO engineers will introduce you to the TNC connector connector. I hope that you will know about it. it works.

   ROHO engineers pointed out that the TNC connector is a variant of the BNC connector. The TNC connector is a very common RF connector, the full name is Thread Neill-Concelman (threaded connector).

   TNC connectors are manufactured according to what standards, do you know? The TNC series is a small and medium power connector with a threaded connection mechanism developed according to the US military standard MIL-C-39012. It has strong vibration resistance, high reliability, excellent mechanical and electrical performance, and is widely used in radio equipment and electronic instruments to connect RF coaxial cable. This series of products can be interchanged with the corresponding products of the international TNC series RF coaxial connectors.

    After reading the above, you should have a preliminary understanding of the TNC connector. In the future, the small series will also explain the knowledge about the bnc connector, not to be missed! Of course, if you have TNC procurement Demand, click on the consultation to find out more.