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Basic performance parameters of RF connector

Author: Date:6/17/2019 11:11:39 PM
 There are many types of RF connectors, each of which is different in size and size. The operations are almost the same, so we mainly look at the model when it is selected, and more importantly, the parameters, then how to purchase as a purchase Looking at the parameters professionally?


The main performance parameters of the RF connector include characteristic impedance, frequency of use, return loss, insertion loss, isolation, RF leakage, phase consistency, third-order intermodulation, etc. The main influence price is the material and plating; one RF connector It is mainly composed of outer conductor, inner conductor and insulating support medium. The commonly used materials are as follows:
Outer conductor: stainless steel, copper alloy gold plating, copper alloy nickel plating, copper alloy plating ternary alloy, etc.;

Inner conductor: copper alloy gold plating, copper alloy silver plating, etc.;
Insulating support medium: PTFE, PEI, LCP, etc.
The prices of different materials are different. Once you understand these materials, you will know if the quotes provided by the suppliers are reasonable.