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Are there any disadvantages to pogo pin connectors?

Author: Date:12/6/2019 8:26:26 PM
   Pogo pin connector, also called probe connector, is a precision connector widely used in mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical, aerospace and other electronic products, and plays a connecting role.

   What is a pogo pin connector?

   The pogo pin connector is a spring-type probe formed by three basic components: a needle shaft, a spring, and a needle tube. The pogo pin is formed by riveting and pre-pressing with a precision instrument. It has a precision spring structure inside. The surface plating of pogo pin connectors is generally gold-plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical properties and electrical properties. The needle tip can be made into sharp needles, grasping needles, round needles, knife needles and other shapes.

   The advantages of pogo pin connector:

1. With a greater amount of compression, the pressure change of the spring is small.

2. Small size, more space saving, more accurate and stable contacts.

3. Long service life.

4. Fashionable appearance, thick texture suitable for high-end electronic products.

5. Fast production speed, low investment cost, no mold opening required.


   Cons of pogo pin connector:

1. Pogo pin connector requires high precision, which is easy to cause high defect rate.

2. The contact point of the pogo pin connector will not move when it is compressed, and it is prone to connection failure when there is foreign matter or dirt in the contact position.

   Notes on the use of pogo pin connector:

1. Avoid stress from the side and other pogo pin connectors that are not vertical.

2. The battery contacts or FPC gold fingers paired with it must not be dirty or oxidized.

3. Pressing too little, the forward force is not enough, which will cause the impedance to be unstable. Pressing too much, it will hurt the nozzle and cause a pin.

4. During the assembly process, care must be taken to avoid hitting the nozzle, which can cause card pin.

5. Avoid touching the plastic barrier during assembly and use.


   to sum up

   The disadvantages of the pogo pin connector are compared with its advantages. It is simply a witch. As long as proper attention is paid in the manufacturing process, these problems can be solved well. Pogo pin connectors are small in size, light in weight, and low in cost, which can make current electronic products such as mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical, aerospace industries more delicate and beautiful.