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Application of RF coaxial connector in RF technology of smart meter

Author: Date:8/20/2019 2:27:19 AM
   The RF technology of the RF coaxial connector has been quietly applied to the watt-hour meter of people's statistics. The method of selecting the initial outdated manual service fee has been squandered, and the high-efficiency intelligent system watt-hour meter should be timely. Health.

At present, most power companies and power bureaus in the country have completed the development and application of computer management systems for power business. However, as the most important method of power consumption management, the most basic electricity consumption statistics still use the method of initial outdated labor service charging, which is not only labor efficient, high efficiency, but also has a water meter that is not timely. The problems of estimating copying, missing copying, wrong copying, miscalculation and long period of water metering are even more difficult to prevent. Today, as society moves toward informationization, networking and modernization of power systems, artificial meter reading is in stark contrast to high levels of automation such as unattended, which has become a major obstacle to the modern management of power supply systems. As far as the integrity of the system is concerned, the power system basically realizes the network management from power generation and distribution to regional substation, but only the user terminal does not access the network, resulting in incomplete system directly or indirectly affecting the potential of the system.

    The smart meter is a power meter that uses a computer technology, a communication technology, etc. to form a smart chip (for example, a CPU), has a timing of power measurement, a recording material, communication with a host computer, and power management.


   The meter is used as the basis for the measurement of the electricity bill. It is related to the imitation problem. In order to ensure the signal transmission in the middle of the RF coaxial connector, it is necessary to classify according to the imitation method of the meter. From the current technology, there are mainly IC card type and remote meter reading type.

    Nowadays, RF coaxial connectors are not only used in smart meters, but many smart home systems use RF coaxial connectors. ROHO  has been striving to innovate. At this stage, many smart home system customers have already settled, if there is RF coaxial For connector product and technical requirements, please contact online customer service.