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Application and structure of automotive RF connectors

Author: Date:1/7/2020 10:40:01 PM
    Automotive RF connectors is a generic term for RF connectors used in automobiles. It is a product in the field of automotive parts technology. Automotive RF connectors are used in car navigation GPS systems, in-vehicle communication systems, car audio and video systems, and modern on-board computers. , RF signal connection between devices such as speed recorders...

    The vehicle radio frequency connector comprises a casing, a main body, an insulator and a center pin; one end of the casing is provided with a mounting hole for mounting the main body; one end of the main body is installed in the mounting hole of the outer casing; the other end of the main body is provided with a welding plate; A plurality of soldering legs are disposed under the bottom; a T-shaped groove is laterally opened from the outside to the inside of the main body; the insulator is an L-shaped open mold; and an L-shaped groove for mounting the center pin is laterally opened laterally. One end of the insulator is inserted into the T-shaped groove on the main body; the center pin is an L-shaped stamping member; and the center pin is mounted in the L-shaped groove on the insulator.


    The application technical scheme of the automotive RF connector, because the insulator is a one-piece structure, the processing process is simple, the cost is low, and at the same time, since the center needle is a stamping part, no secondary bending is required, the product quality is guaranteed, and the production cost can be reduced.