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Antenna connector model type summary

Author: Date:5/21/2019 11:25:43 PM
 An antenna connector  is a connector for electrical connection for signal transmission in an antenna device application. These connectors are used in a variety of applications from 0 to 18 GHz and above. All types of antenna connectors have a male connector and a female connector. Male connectors are commonly referred to as plugs and female connectors are referred to as jacks. The center pin and the external grounding with locking mechanism provide a secure and reliable connection.

The choice of antenna connector depends on the frequency range, performance, size and shape of each connector type. There are many types of antenna connectors, such as SMA, N, IPEX, MCX, SMB, SMP, DIN, TNC, MMCX. Types of devices, etc., with SMA connectors and N-type connectors as an example:

The SMA connector is one of the most suitable RF connectors in UHF and is the majority of the SHF series. The small size and reliable performance make SMA connectors the first choice for RF engineers. In terms of impedance matching, the SMA connector is one of the best performing connectors. The most common type is a 3.5 mm connector.


The choice of antenna connector models has given wireless communication manufacturers headaches, including Wi-Fi and various wireless for the Internet of Things (IoT). These high frequency signals need to be distributed between systems, circuit components and sub-assemblies with minimal loss or spurious radiation. While this has always been a role for RF coaxial cables and connectors, designers are under pressure from time, cost, and reliability to ensure that the best antenna connector models are quickly selected and applied correctly for optimal performance. And extend the service life.

Antenna connector type applications: GSM, CDMA, radio communication boards, RF power amplifiers, RF isolators, power splitters, directional couplers, Wi-Fi antennas and low power UHF communication systems.