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About the model characteristics of the RF connector

Author: Date:3/10/2019 9:12:48 PM
 here are well-known SMA connectors in the RF connector, BNC connectors, which are far more than these connectors in the RF connector. There are basic components of the RF connector, including the outer conductor, the insulator, the center pin, and the nut housing, buckle, waterproof ring, dust cap, etc. The following takes you through the structure and classification of the RF connector by interface.

1, the threaded connection: such as 7/16, N-type, TNC-type, SMA-type, etc., due to the use of threaded connection, the plug and socket are more stable and reliable, and the anti-vibration and anti-collision ability is stronger.

2, bayonet type connection: such as BNC, C type, Q6 type, etc. Because of the bayonet type connection, it is easy to use, the connection is not easy to loose, the separation is very fast, and it is used in many medical equipments and electronic instruments.

3, plug-in connection:. Such as SMB, MCX, QMA, QN, etc. It is characterized by the use of some locking structures, most of which are small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. It is suitable for systems with weight and volume requirements. Features are applicable to drawer type. Arranged, building block installation.

4, floating (blind plug) connection: such as MBX, AFI, BMA, etc. due to floating connection, easy to use, there is a certain blind insertion function, X, Y, Z can be offset by 1mm in three directions, even larger, separation is very Quickly, it is mostly used for large connections between PCB boards.