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5G enters the fast lane, connector manufacturers should face difficulties

Author: Date:12/11/2019 12:52:46 AM
   After the 5G licenses issued by China's three major operators and radio and television, in the second half of the year, competition around 5G worldwide has accelerated. It is expected that by 2035 5G will increase global economic output by 4%, the scale of the 5G industry will reach US $ 12.4 trillion, and create 22 million jobs.


   As we all know, to ensure high-speed transmission of the network, 5G coverage area cannot be separated from a large number of optical fiber connections. In addition to capacity considerations, higher level 5G performance requirements related to network diversity, availability, and coverage must also be met, even as operators transition to a centralized radio access network (C-RAN) network architecture , Need to increase the number of interconnected fiber optic networks.


   The function of the optical fiber connector is to make the optical fiber connect to the optical module smoothly. The latest report from the market research institution Grand View Research shows that by 2025, the global fiber optic connector market is expected to reach 5.9 billion US dollars (about 40.13 billion yuan).


   It can be seen that, as the core components of optical and electrical signal conversion in optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber connectors are undoubtedly increasing soon. However, in the 5G era, the difficulty is high density, which requires strict processing accuracy. Fortunately, domestic and foreign fiber optic connector manufacturers dare to face the challenge and improve the technology in each new product.



   Regarding the difficult issues, Marshall, Engineering Director of the TE Data and Terminal Equipment Division, explained: "In order to meet the large-capacity data transmission, many devices are integrated together, and the corresponding power is increased in order to achieve the coverage distance. The heat transfer brought by it is also very large. Therefore, the demand for connector density, heat transfer, and reliability, including the requirements for speed, poses greater technical challenges to the connector than ever before. "


   In response to these problems, TE has developed innovative technologies, including integrated solutions such as ERFV. For example, in terms of signal transmission efficiency, it is composed of low-loss cables, which can only have ultra-low loss at high speeds, so that data transmission is strengthened.


   Take Wutong Holdings as an example. As a professional supplier of domestic radio frequency connection systems, fiber optic connection products are also among their main businesses. In response, President Zhang Jianguo said: "The company makes industrial layouts from SMALL CELL small antennas, board-to-board 5G connectors, and 5G modules. We will launch solutions in accordance with the industrial cycle.


   Layout in advance can often get more advantages, such as AVIC. As early as December last year, AVIC provided a complete set of optical and electrical connection solutions for 5G projects of SK, KT and LG U +. The optical fiber connector used in this solution adopts a highly reliable weather-resistant push-pull locking design. Compared with the previous screw locking and bayonet locking designs, it can be inserted and removed in one step, occupying less operating space, and convenient for installation and maintenance. It also guarantees the safe and stable transmission of 5G signals, and more importantly, it meets the requirements for processing accuracy. It is reported that it is mainly responsible for signal transmission between core facilities such as baseband processing units and radio remote units in 5G base stations.


   Today, 5G business is poised for growth, bringing business opportunities for the deployment of fiber optic network infrastructure. For optical fiber connector manufacturers, only by overcoming one difficulty after another in technology research and development can they survive and develop in this market.