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5G and RF connector manufacturers

Author: Date:5/13/2019 8:17:12 PM
 The network will be available in 2019, but it may be 2022 before widespread coverage is available. Older iterations do not disappear immediately; in many places, 4G, 4LTE, 3G and even 2G will exist in sync with 5G. The energy grid needs to be prepared to increase the large power consumption required for small cells and large-scale multi-input multi-output (mass MIMO) base stations. The arrival of 5G means that RF connector manufacturers are facing more and more challenges.



5G means more than just a faster phone. The download speed will be lightning fast - it takes about 10 seconds to download the entire movie. Latency will be undetectable, making video games more responsive, virtual and augmented reality more realistic. The network capacity will be greatly increased, and the number of connected devices joining the network will exceed 100 times, so that a variety of complicated efforts can occur simultaneously in the home or city.


When the cellular infrastructure is fully upgraded and the 5G network is fully active, the Internet of Things will be able to realize its potential. This means that smart cities can connect transportation systems and traffic control to energy networks, personal vehicles and communication networks. Homes and workplaces will become more compact and automated. Satellite systems will play a greater role in communication networks. With the convergence of communications and technology, every industry will change.